Adopting a cat is a huge responsibility and a lifelong commitment. Before you decide to adopt a cat, please read the two documents below.

Except for very young kittens (8 weeks up to 20 weeks), all of our cats have been checked up, vaccinated, neutered/spayed. and microchipped. As we don't have a shelter, most of the cats for adoption stay at one of our 6 Cat Adoption locations as listed below. Some are in foster homes too.


For the list of cats available for adoption, please go to this link:

Please open your heart and home to a homeless cat. When you adopt one, you literally save a life!  

Cat Adoption Locations

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Adults (1 year and older) - $210
Includes Checkup, Vaccination (Rabies & FVRCP), Deworming, Neuter/Spay & Microchip

FIXED Kitten (5 months to 1 year) - $280
Includes Checkup, Deworming, Vaccination (Rabies & FVRCP), Neuter/Spay & Microchip

UNFIXED Kitten (8 weeks to 5 months) - $390

Includes Checkup, Deworm, 3 sets of FVRCP vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Neuteur/Spay & Microchip