Adopting a CAT is a huge responsibility and a life long commitment. Before you decide to adopt a cat, please read the two documents below.

Except for very young kittens, all of our cats have been checked up, vaccinated, neutered/spayed and microchipped. Most of the cats for adoption stay at one of our 7 Cat Adoption locations as listed below. Their pics and info are  posted on this page.  Please CLICK the cat's name for more details. The Adoption Fee Schedule is also listed.

Please open your heart and home to a homeless cat. When you adopt one, you literally save a life!  




Adults (Older than 1 year) - $198
Includes check up, vaccination (Rabies & FVRCP), Deworming, Neuter/Spay & Microchip

FIXED Kitten Juvenile (5 months to 1 year) - $250
Includes Check up, Deworming, Vaccination (Rabies & FVRCP), Neuter/Spay & Microchip

UNFIXED Kitten (8 weeks to 5 months) -

- $280 Includes Check up, Deworm, Current Vaccine (FVRCP), Spay/Neuter and Microchip.


  An additional $100 for 2 FVRCP Boosters and Rabies




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