FEMALE, 55 lbs

MINA is gorgeous girl with  a big heart and a sad past. She was found tied up outside a foreclosed home in the Cayman Islands but has been adjusting very well to life in Ontario after  rescue.

She has  already come a long way in the brief time she’s with her dear foster parents.  Mina needs a fair amount  of  exercise and training.  She responds strongly to treats and praise. She can sit and give a paw, and she knows her name and has pretty good recall - unless there’s a squirrel around!  She is working on Stay.   Right now she fetches a  ball  but won’t let go, but can be convinced with a treat. Like many dogs, she has a  high prey drive and needs training on leash to keep her from  going after  squirrels.

At home Mina  has no problem being a couch potato. She loves to cuddle and spend time with her people. Her coat is like soft velvet and she’d love for you to pet her as much as you want. She is extremely people-oriented and just wants to spend time by your side. She spends the night in a dog bed next to our bed, but sometimes goes out to one of the couches to snooze on her own.  MINA  has some issues of Resources guarding, like food and toys. An experienced owner who can train her in that area would be needed.. However,  she is very trainable and eager to please,

Her ideal home  would be an Adult home  with a good-sized fenced yard, preferably  in the country where she can chase things to get   physical and mental stimulation.  One where she is also allowed inside and on your couch to lay in your lap while you watch TV.  She would love an active owner who will take her on runs and hikes  She asks for your love and attention but also for you to set her boundaries and provide training to make her your best friend.    No dogs unless its a calm  male. No cats too..  Mina will be a fantastic companion for the right owner. ADOPTION FEE : $498.

For ADOPTION please download Adoption Application Form and email  Completed form to

Oct  1 2020

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