Who We Are

PARS is a nonprofit group dedicated to the rescue of HOMELESS Dogs and Cats. We are ALL VOLUNTEER-RUN. We don't have a facility, a shelter, or paid staff. We strive to save as many unwanted animals as possible regardless of background, age, health and/or behavioural issues. Our goal is to find these homeless pets FOREVER HOMES where they are treated as family members. These include: 


- Stray Cats

- Dogs & Cats surrendered by owners

- Dogs & Cats from shelters


For feral cats in Colonies, we will actively participate in the TNR Program. We Trap, Neuter, and Release them to prevent the over-population of homeless cats in the future. 

What We Do

After the rescue, we will arrange for the pet to receive a veterinary check-up and be given the necessary vaccinations. If there are health issues, they will be addressed. Except for under-aged kittens or puppies, all of our animals are spayed or neutered to prevent births of future homeless pets.  Future neuter/spay of kittens/puppies is included in our Adoption Agreement.  For dogs, they will be  placed in appropriate foster homes. For adoptable cats, they will be placed at one of our 7 cat adoption locations.

For those cats that are not ready for adoption e.g. sick or less socialized ones, they will be placed in foster homes for recovery or socialization. For very senior dogs and cats and those with long term health issues such as FIV, diabetes, etc., they will be placed in long-term foster homes.

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Email Address: info@peelanimalrescuesociety.com 

Mailing Address:

PO Box 37008

B-7, 1240 Eglinton Avenue W

Mississauga L5V 1N0

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