Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility and a lifelong commitment. Before you decide to adopt a dog, please read the two documents below.

Except for very young puppies, all of our dogs have been checked up, vaccinated, neutered/spayed, and microchipped. Please open your heart and home to a homeless dog. When you adopt one, you literally save a life!



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FROSTY is a very handsome and friendly boy. He's good with children and other dogs. He is an attention seeker and loves being pet even from strangers! At home, he loves sitting next to his humans for butt scratches. He acts shy sometimes but mostly he’s curious. He’s not at all aggressive. Sadly, due to a new demanding job the owner no longer has the time to attend to Frosty. He is being left alone in the yard for 10 hours everyday. Frosty deserves a loving home where he will get the attention and exercise he needs.


Samoyed/Husky mix

3 years, Male, 75 lbs

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DUNK Sampson.jfif
Rottweiler-Shepherd X
2 years, Male, 120 lbs

Dunk the Hunk is a recent arrival from North Carolina. A gentle giant at 120 pounds, he’s huge with a deep, resonate bark to match—no apartments or condos for this boy. Duncan defines a Velcro dog. He wants to be touching you, leaning into you, getting pet or just feeling your hand resting on him. He has no problem diving his head under your arm or his snout into your stomach to ask for pets, and if you’re rubbing his tummy in not quite that exact spot, a big paw will nudge your arm until you do find that exact spot. Personal boundaries are a myth. He will sleep on his bed (just place it so he can be close and see you), or in the hallway outside your bedroom where he can stretch out. His snoring is adorable. He’s good with kids, most dogs but NOT cats. Most small dogs are put off by his size and intensity.


Duncan loves the off-leash park and his favourite game is chase. Duncan thinks every dog should let him chase them and if they don’t, he’ll get up in their face, bark, or pull in their back-end fur to goad them into running. So it’s a behaviour we’re trying to modify through distraction (walking him away) or a time out. Good, stable doggie pals will gradually teach him how to be a better friend. All food deliveries are, in his opinion, obviously his, so you’ll have to monitor him around the table. He’ll especially try the kids’ plates because kids are a soft touchGood on leashed walks, Duncan will ask to greet passing dogs or follow a squirrel up a tree, but accepts a No and walks on. He’s housetrained, doesn’t like being left behind (take out the garbage and he’ll stand by the door, crying to break your heart. Strangers are simply people needing an opportunity to pet him. He’s stubborn but is slowly showing signs of wanting to please us more than following his own whims. Very confident in all situations. Likes his car rides. Good with manipulation (loves it in fact), was a star getting his first bath and stands still and proud while getting brushed (very short, daily sessions which we’re gradually lengthening). A bigger house and a fenced yard is a must. NO CATS. No small kids due to his size.