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To SAVE as many HOMELESS cats and dogs as possible, and to participate in the TNR (Trap, Neuter & Release) program for feral cats to help end the overpopulation of homeless cats in the Peel Region. Please see the poster on "END the STRAYS".

Message from the President

Dear Friend,


Welcome to our site! Peel Animal Rescue Society (PARS) is a newly formed non-profit group. Our mission is as stated above. With my 20 years of Animal Rescue experience and YOUR SUPPORT (Donors & Volunteers), I promise the commitment of PARS in helping HOMELESS Cats and Dogs.


As a new group, we have to start from scratch and FUNDING is crucial to our operations. I am APPEALING for your generous DONATIONS so we can start a smooth sail in our Animal Rescue work.


PARS is a 100% VOLUNTEER RUN group with a NO KILL policy. We rely on DONATIONS to SAVE the ANIMALS in NEED. As we do not have a business venue, a shelter, or paid staff, almost every dollar of your donations will be spent directly on animal care, especially the vet fees.

Please DONATE TODAY! Thank you in advance for your SUPPORT.

Lily Chan


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PO Box 37008

B-7, 1240 Eglinton Avenue W

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